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About Respite Care

IMG_1911Respite Care of San Antonio, Inc. was founded in 1987 to provide support for families caring for a child or loved one with developmental disabilities. The original mission, to enhance the stability and nurturing opportunities of these families, is fulfilled through the provision of community based and overnight shelter services designed to give short-term relief to participating parents. In 1997 the mission expanded to provide care for children with special needs from throughout the state who have been taken into protective custody as a result of abuse and neglect.

The integrated services developed by Respite Care aid families and create a safe haven for children in crisis. The availability of these essential respites reduces the incidence of child abuse and neglectful environments. Full-time daycare is available, providing parents the opportunity to work or attend school. Part-time day/night out services are available in multiple venues throughout the city, offering parents a short break from caring for their child with special needs. Residential and foster care services provide care for children who have been removed from their home as a result of abuse and neglect. Through a partnership with CentroMed, a non-profit leader in the provision of healthcare services to special populations, a team of pediatric specialists provide onsite medical supports to children in the Developmental Daycare and Respite Care’s residential services, allowing the care of children with complex medical conditions.

Respite Care of San Antonio
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