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Staff Profile – Carlos Rivera

Operations Administrative Assistant
Emergency Shelters

Carlos Rivera is a new member of our village here at Respite Care, and his hard work and compassion are evident. He is the new Operations Administrative Assistant in the Davidson Respite House and oversees monitoring safety compliance, scheduling and budget for our emergency shelters, the Davidson Respite House and Najim Family Respite Home. Carlos’ main priority is ensuring our children have everything they need and more. He loves working in a dynamic workplace where there’s always something new to learn.

Previously, Carlos was an infantryman in the military, and he would not have guessed he’d be working in a field like this; however, his journey after the military led him to working in an elementary school where he became involved with children who have special needs. This is when he realized this must be his calling. Although Rivera has only been with us a few months, the amount of dedication and infectious enthusiastic energy that he brings to the table has been a great addition to our family here at Respite Care.

When asked what his favorite thing is about his job, Carlos said, “My desk is in the Davidson House. Whenever I need a break, I can just go pick up a baby.” Carlos agrees that witnessing firsthand how Respite Care brings joy to healing children’s’ lives is the most rewarding part about working in the Davidson House. When asked to describe the Davidson House he stated, “It’s a home where our staff strives to show children, who have been through the worst, that they matter and are cared for. We make sure our kids learn, grow, and evolve and we make sure they accelerate in their time here.”

So far, Carlos’ most memorable experience was when he was able to partner with a donor and provide one of our children with a wheelchair so that she’d be able to start school on schedule. He described the experience as fulfilling and reassuring, knowing that people in our community are involved with our mission to help children with special needs.

He took the time to express appreciation for our community, stating, “Everything we accomplish here wouldn’t be possible without our community,” as he often must maintain strong relationships with our volunteers, sponsors, and donors in order to keep the Davidson House running efficiently.  While working with a non-profit organization, Rivera believes the most important thing to remember is to stay motivated and keep evolving.




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